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Embark on a culinary journey with the "Gringa" Cuatro Mamas Salsa Macha Chili Crisp Oil MILD, a creation by four remarkable mamas originating from Mexico, Guatemala, Mississippi, and the Philippines.


United by a shared love for bold flavors and rooted in diverse culinary traditions, these inspiring women have joined forces to introduce a kitchen and pantry essential


Meticulously crafted with the finest red chili peppers and premium ingredients sourced globally enjoy on a bagette with your favortie artisan cheese or drizzle on you morning eggs. 

"Gringa" Cuatro Mamas Salsa Macha Chili Crisp Oil MILD

  • Our red chili crisp oil is made with the finest ingredients from all over the world and no sugar added. Drizzle the chili crisp oil on your morning avocado toast or on top of a soft brie and baguette slice. 

    "Gringa" for the lover of mild. A little bit of spice to enhance your dish with robust flavor. 


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