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Discover a culinary masterpiece curated with love by four amazing mamas, each with roots in Mexico, Mississippi, Guatemala, and the Philippines. Our Salsa Macha Chili Crisp Oil is available to purchase as a gift. 


Whether you're treating yourself or surprising a loved one prepare to be Immersed in the diverse tastes and stories behind each bottle, celebrating the unique heritage and shared passion of the Cuatro Mamas.


The gift box includes not only the exceptional chili oil but also a handy wooden spoon, making it the perfect gift for your chili-loving friend who appreciates the art of flavor.





"Gringa" Cuatro Mamás Salsa Macha Chili Crisp Oil With Gift Box + Wooden Spoon

  • Our  Cuatro Mamás single gift box is a great gift to give someone you know that loves spice.

    Our red chili crisp oil is made with the finest ingredients from all over the world and no sugar added. Drizzle the chili oil on your morning eggs  or on top of a ramen bowl.

    "Gringa" for the lover of mild. A little bit of spice to enhance your dish with robust flavor. 

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